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Bishop Lee to Undergo Open Heart Surgery


To the Standing Committee, Executive Board, Deans and Presidents:

Follows and important announcement from Bishop Lee. You are among the first to receive this letter. You may receive it again through another automated e-mail process but I wanted to ensure you received it directly. This announcement also is being sent to Members of Council will be posted to the diocesan Web site. Please keep the Bishop and his family in your prayers.

Patrick N. Getlein
Secretary of the Diocese
1-800-DIOCESE x30

January 25, 2005

Feast of the Conversion

To the Leadership of the Diocese of Virginia

Dear Friends,

As a result of a heart catheterization procedure yesterday, I learned that three arteries to my heart are significantly blocked.

My surgeon has advised me to reduce my activities immediately, so I will miss the 210th Annual Council. I will enter the hospital on Friday for outpatient, pre-operative tests. Then, on Monday, January 31, I will undergo triple by-pass open heart surgery. I expect to be in the hospital for up to five days and the recuperation period will be six to eight weeks.

In consultation with the President of the Standing Committee, I will be on leave until April 1, 2005.

The 210th Annual Council meeting this weekend will be the first I have missed in twenty years. Bishop Jones will preside. I am so thankful for the leadership of Bishop Jones and Bishop Gray, the diocesan staff and the support and prayers of our people. No one is indispensable, and I am confident you will find the ministry of the diocesan staff to support fully your ministry in my absence. The diocesan staff will keep you informed of my progress. I welcome your prayers and trust God’s loving care for our diocese and for me.

Faithfully yours,

Peter James Lee
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